Hmmm, so you say you’re a Pelican . . .

One overcast morning, the Brown Pelican appeared to be the largest of all the birds wading at the Refuge.But when he approached the VERY large¬†White Pelican, the big guy¬†called out to his friends, “Hey guys. . . . This little fellow says he’s a Pelican, too!” ūüėÄ“Hmmmm. . . . . Let’s go check this […]

Looking for some fall color . . .

We witnessed a magnificent¬†Sunset (above) over the Gulf of Mexico this past Sunday. ¬†The brilliant oranges and yellows got me thinking about how different “Fall” looks in different places. These beautiful, rich Purple¬†Morning Glories above¬†were¬†blooming all along the roadside on the water’s edge at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge the other day. ¬†Their bright blossoms […]