Voice of the Dove

There are many familiar references to the Dove in Jewish literature. Certainly, the Dove is remembered in the story of Noah and the Flood, and as a symbol of peace. I have posted previously on Birder’s Journey (click here) about the Columbaria or Dovecotes, which housed the Doves and Turtledoves used in Temple sacrifices 2000-3000 years ago. […]

Everything beautiful in its time

The Book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) by King Solomon was read in synagogues around the world this week during the holiday of Sukkot.  Kohelet is well known for its verses in Chapter 3 which include. . . “there is a time for every purpose under heaven” (3:1). As I look around at the inexplicable wonders of nature on […]

To everything there is a season…

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.”  These are familiar words to many of us, and English speakers are likely to have heard the song Turn, Turn, Turn, popularized in the 1960’s, when folk singer Pete Seeger put these very words to a beautiful melody.  But did you know […]

The Turtledove and the Columbarium

On a walk through the ruins of Ashkelon National Park this past spring, I was fortunate to spot this beautiful Turtledove below, foraging through the rocky landscape. It was very early May, and surely around the time of year about which King Solomon wrote in the Song of Songs: “12.The blossoms have appeared in the land, […]

The Sparrow

The Sparrows’ boisterous song reverberates through the narrow winding stone streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, and seems to grow louder as you approach the Kotel. Its lively sound is nearly as ever-present along the shores of the Yarkon River, near where the River flows into the Sea, part of a loud, mixed chorus […]

From Perek Shira

Perek Shira (פרק שירה) is a little gem of a book, an ancient source believed to be at least 1800 years old; some say it is perhaps even older, written by King David or King Solomon.  Known as The Song of the Universe, or The Song of Creation, Perek Shira is a collection of 85 […]