Graceful and elegant, but LOUD

Sandhill Cranes are very large non-migratory birds that “breed and forage in open prairies, grasslands, and wetlands” (All About Birds, Florida FWC). Monogamous breeders, they are known for their unique mating dances! (listen on Bird Note and watch this Bird Note video (especially after 45 sec. or so). On a recent walk, I heard this […]

Some cute Raccoon action lately ðŸ¦

As I’ve mentioned before, healthy Florida Raccoons are regularly out and about in the daytime, unlike their northern counterparts. The curious fellow above was romping in the flowers alongside the trail at Orlando Wetlands. A few weeks ago, I had a different sort of Raccoon experience on the Corkscrew Swamp Boardwalk – see the sequence […]