Motionless in the shadows (well, most of the time)

Rather solitary and secretive, according to Audubon, Yellow-crowned Night Herons are frequently spotted hiding in the Cypress trees surrounding the ‘Alligator Hole’ at our local wetlands at this time of year. Although ‘their range extends inland as far as the Midwest’ U.S.(All About Birds), the Yellow-crowned Night Herons are year-round residents of Florida, nesting and […]

Glorious Morning~!

I just had the pleasure of spending two lovely and serene days at one of my favorite places, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  . . . As always, I found this to be true: “Photo opportunities are available at every turn of the boardwalk trail”~! “Visitors will find a gentle, pristine wilderness that dates back about 600 […]