Graceful and elegant, but LOUD

Sandhill Cranes are very large non-migratory birds that “breed and forage in open prairies, grasslands, and wetlands” (All About Birds, Florida FWC). Monogamous breeders, they are known for their unique mating dances! (listen on Bird Note and watch this Bird Note video (especially after 45 sec. or so). On a recent walk, I heard this […]

Sandhill Crane colt explores his world

Another little beauty from Circle B Bar Ranch Reserve.  This vulnerable 8-day old Sandhill Crane colt gets around quite well, but keeps close to his parents. They will be watchful caregivers for about the next 10 months.Adult Sandhill Cranes (who are a stately 4-5 feet tall) mate for life and have only 1-3 young per nesting season. The […]

Sandhill Cranes

The first few times I saw Sandhill Cranes, they were wandering around in baseball fields and parking lots at regional parks, and I couldn’t help but think they looked like gangly, long-necked umpires with little red caps!Only when I discovered them in preserves like this one, could I see their true beauty! Sandhill Cranes feed in […]

Well worth the trip

My husband and I were recently inspired to take a long drive to Central Florida, several hours north of us, to hear two wonderful experts from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) speak about ‘birding and habitat restoration along Israel’s Rift Valley, a major flyway of the world.’  Dan Alon, Director of […]

Peaceful walk at Peaceful Waters

This quiet, serene little Sanctuary has just the most appropriate name! Every time I go there, I see very few people, but lots of birds. And everyone I talk to who goes there says they have the same experience. It is a very peaceful place indeed ~ Last week I stopped by in the late […]