Birds of a feather . . .sort of

As I turned a corner on a recent walk, I was surprised by this juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron above, sitting on a branch so close I could almost imagine reaching out to touch him! We have two different Night Herons here in southeast Florida, the Black-crowned and the Yellow-crowned Night Herons. The juveniles can be difficult to tell […]

Just hanging out with the visitors

I’ve written several previous posts about the wonderful Yellow-crowned Night Herons we have in our local preserves. At this time of year, these special birds like to frequent a small wooded area along the boardwalk. At first, you might not see any, as they are amazingly well-camouflaged. But little by little, they come into view, and you may soon […]

“A Little Night Heron”

There’s a well-shaded pond (referred to as the “Alligator Hole”) where we can catch a glimpse of the Night Heron families each year, sitting up in the Cypress trees. There are both Yellow-Crowned Night Herons and Black-Crowned Night Herons here in our preserves. Both of these birds are large, but have shorter necks and are stockier than many of their more graceful, […]

Competition for the Crabbers ~ (a non-kosher post ;-)

Moments after I had passed the [human] fishermen and crabbers setting up their gear at the water’s edge early yesterday morning, I spotted this determined Yellow-crowned Night Heron, hiding in the shadows, out of sight of the humans!  He looked quite self-satisfied  As I approached, he gave me a slightly nervous, momentary glance, when he […]

August in the Wetland Preserves

Every once in a blue moon, I take only my binoculars when I go birding these days.  But then, I miss the opportunity to capture a lasting image of the creatures who are out and about, like the noisy Tri-colored Heron above, or this beautiful White Ibis. Every time I leave my camera at home, […]