Sandhill Cranes

The first few times I saw Sandhill Cranes, they were wandering around in baseball fields and parking lots at regional parks, and I couldn’t help but think they looked like gangly, long-necked umpires with little red caps!Only when I discovered them in preserves like this one, could I see their true beauty! Sandhill Cranes feed in […]

Little bird in constant motion

I was lucky to catch a shot of this little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher as he flitted non-stop from branch to branch overhead, searching for tiny flying insects. Curiously, despite their name, ‘gnats do not form a significant part of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher’s diet’. (All About Birds)! Although they are more abundant during our south Florida winters, these busy birds […]

Love these elegant little birds

Black-necked Stilts are aptly named  (Audubon), with their improbably tall, stilt-like legs. In fact, they “have the second-longest legs in proportion to their bodies of any bird, exceeded only by flamingos.” (All About Birds). They forage for insects, small fish and aquatic invertebrates in shallow water, but – curiously – Black-necked Stilts rarely swim (All About Birds)!  Pairs work together to build […]