A Great Blue morning

This Great Blue Heron actually looked like a fake cut-out against the water as he sailed by before touching down!He slid in gracefully, for a nice smooth landing . . . And then strolled around looking quite elegant ūüôāI don’t think he was even foraging for something to eat. . . !Just strutting, looking very debonair […]

Reflection in the mangroves

The “Tricolored Heron is a characteristic bird of quiet shallow waters,”¬†(Audubon), and a very common sight in our wetland preserves in Palm Beach County. But I couldn’t resist the image of this striking¬†Tri-colored, foraging in the mangroves at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge on¬†New Year’s Day morning. Almost hard to tell which bird is real […]

Young GBH showing his stuff

I always love watching the young Great Blue Herons practice their in-flight navigation skills, and this handsome fellow at Merritt Island NWR was no exception.The¬†Great Blue Heron gazed up at a little tree island, as if to gauge its height in preparation for a landing.¬†All of a sudden, the GBH lifted up and spread his […]

Rosie’s mid-morning stroll

This charmer was seen wading – and posing – at Merritt Island NWR. ¬† Of the world’s six species of Spoonbills, the uniquely beautiful¬†Roseate Spoonbill is the only one found in North America – and the only one that is pink!¬†Like many other wading birds,¬†Roseate Spoonbills were victims of the plume hunting trade in the […]

Take-out Breakfast

This Great Egret was enjoying a festive first breakfast of 2017 this morning at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge! After one successful foray, he strutted back out full of confidence for another fish course.The water was utterly calm and smooth. The crystal clear surface made for wonderful reflections, and probably made it quite easy for […]