Rosies always attend the Space Coast Birding Festival

42023753-5E33-41D3-90F7-A38AAD2FEC6D_1_201_aAdult Roseate Spoonbill above and his younger juvenile friend below were in attendance. You can easily tell who’s who by the differences in the colors of their heads, necks, bills, and the intensity of their pink plumage.7398660A-FB08-4821-8AB4-7744E2ECDFB4_1_201_aThey always make quite a showing at the Space Coast Birding Festival💕. E26C08D2-D5BD-45C9-A4D0-B9612FAE0BD0_1_201_aThese lovelies were all seen on Black Point Wildlife Drive at Merritt Island NWR.

29 thoughts on “Rosies always attend the Space Coast Birding Festival

    • Thank you, Sue! I couldn’t help but think he was sending a message in that morning light. 💕 Perfect time to get a good shot of these stunning birds – and they’re so abundant, there was lots of opportunity for close-ups.


      • OMGosh, I photographed Rosies in flight this morning!!! 💃💃💃 I got a tip that about 50 spoonbills were about 15 mins from me and off I went! I found them, they were about 100+ feet from the road. After shooting 10 mins, I got out of sight as they were at the end of the waters they were foraging and started turning back around which would parade them back by me. If I hadn’t seen the PINK through the bushes I was behind, I’d have missed them! But I didn’t, hallelujah!! It was glorious to see all that pink in the blue sky flying by. Post forthcoming in few days! 🙂

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