Little Gems

743206A5-0B81-4D97-91ED-58E48BAE1E62_1_201_aOne of the most specatcular sights at Arenal Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica is the abundance and variety of hummingbirds~!! F11572CF-1EAD-4F1B-A55F-D21518FB36ED_1_201_aThese tiny birds were buzzing about everywhere, every day, but, oh, so hard to photograph! As I mentioned in previous posts, our guide, Christian, was marvelous, but my memory for these particular species may be flawed. I seem to think the ones above are Rufous-tailed Hummingbirds – but I’d be happy to be corrected : )68C1EBE1-557F-4D73-B6E5-045AFF17213E_1_201_aI’m not sure who this is in the photo above, but s/he’s probably here on this link to the Birds of Arenal Observatory Lodge: loved what Christian told us he says to visitors who ask why the Lodge doesn’t put out hummingbird feeders like so many places do. He pointed to the many rows of these beautiful purple flowering plants above and said he tells the curious guests: “These are our birdfeeders!9D437AD1-1848-4F99-9DCE-3063F0FA9770_1_201_aMy wonderful fellow blogger Jet Eliot told me these flowers are purple porterweed, a member of the Verbena family.  And sure enough, there were always dozens of wonderful little gems flitting about on every bush, including the delightful Green Thorntails!

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    • Absolutely right, AB – it was a birder’s feast at this lodge and I would love to go back. So many places to visit, and not enough time! Hope you are keeping safe and healthy in this ‘new reality’ we are all experiencing!

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