Second Avenue Subway Portraits 

Last week I posted a blog entry (Q Train Birds) describing a visit with my daughter to the new Second Avenue Subway station installation at 96th Street in NYC, designed by artist Sarah Sze.From there, my daughter took me to the Second Avenue stop at 86th Street, to view the next installation, displaying 10 immense portraits by the acclaimed […]

Surprise ~ Art Fair Bird Prints!!

My daughter is an incredible elementary school art teacher in New York City, and she puts on an awesome ART FAIR every spring featuring her students’ work. As always, the students take on various important roles, as gallery attendants, art-making station leaders, and hosts for countless family members and community visitors to the Art Fair. […]

“Melody is the quill of the soul…”

The late Chabad Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson is quoted as saying, “Melody is the quill of the soul.  Words may be an expression of your heart, but a melody expresses the contents of your soul. . . . “ (Source:  Prisms, Uplifting Views on Daily Life, 2014).  We made a visit to the renowned world […]