Finally, a Visit to Cornell Lab of Ornithology~!

Ithaca, New York, home of Cornell Lab of Ornithology, was a relatively short 3-hour drive from where I lived most of my life in upstate NY. But it wasn’t till this past summer – after having lived in Florida for 10 years – that I finally had the opportunity to visit the Lab and Sapsucker Woods. What a delight to spend the day there . . . and well worth the trip!

Birders around the globe are familiar with the countless remarkable offerings of the Cornell Lab, including the All About Birds site, the Merlin Bird ID app, and the renown Macaulay Library. To learn more about the innumerable videos, programs, courses, and other resources for all age groups that they offer, click here: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The inside of the Cornell Lab Of Ornithology‘s main building is as stunning as the grounds are beautiful! Above you can see a couple of views of the very famous Wall of Birds designed and painted by Jane Kim – see much more here: Wall of Birds.

Finally, just a few images below from the many beautiful trails throughout the grounds, Sapsucker Woods. I highly recommend a visit to this very, very special place!!

23 thoughts on “Finally, a Visit to Cornell Lab of Ornithology~!

  1. Oh, this is great. I’ve read and heard so many wonderful things about the Cornell Lab of Ornithology over the years, and visit their website weekly, and have so much respect for this organization and their contributions to the world. Your photos here were terrific. I loved seeing the famous Sapsucker Woods and the facility too. The Wall of Birds is fantastic. I liked that you included the photo of the Recordings sign too. I doubt I will ever make it to this magnificent place across the country from me, so thanks for taking me there today.

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    • I also use their resources all the time, Ellen, as do so many of our fellow birders! Yes, it was really a treat to be there, both exploring the Sapsucker Woods trails, and the indoor facility. The tour of the building and history of the Lab was superb!

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