A Great Blue morning

This Great Blue Heron actually looked like a fake cut-out against the water as he sailed by before touching down!He slid in gracefully, for a nice smooth landing . . . And then strolled around looking quite elegant ūüôāI don’t think he was even foraging for something to eat. . . !Just strutting, looking very debonair […]

Young GBH showing his stuff

I always love watching the young Great Blue Herons practice their in-flight navigation skills, and this handsome fellow at Merritt Island NWR was no exception.The¬†Great Blue Heron gazed up at a little tree island, as if to gauge its height in preparation for a landing.¬†All of a sudden, the GBH lifted up and spread his […]

PANAMA – Gamboa and El Valle

We recently had the good fortune to spend 6 days in¬†Panama¬†– what a beautiful country!! The stunning BIRDS, the lush landscapes, the clean, clear, fresh air, the warm and friendly people . . .¬†I only wish I could have taken photos of ALL the birds we saw. Alas, so much to see, so little time. […]

The cycle begins again

The mornings and evenings are a bit cooler and less humid these days, and some migrating birds have arrived in our area. But the wetland birds’ courting and breeding season that brings so many visitors has really not yet begun. Lots of marsh plants are still in bloom, including these delicate Fireflags dangling over the ponds, and […]

Can I get some relief from this heat??

No doubt about it, southeast Florida can be very¬†hot in mid-August.¬†So what do the birds do to keep cool?? Many birds, like Hawks and¬†Wood Storks, soar overhead, circling above the wetlands to take advantage of high altitude currents where the air is cooler. Most birds try to keep their cool by being much less active […]