Morning stroll after hurricane clean-up

Back in early November, I visited Circle B Bar Ranch a few days after they’d re-opened following the Hurricane Ian closure and clean-up.

The usual beautiful Osprey and Red-shouldered Hawks were out celebrating the clear blue skies.

The familiar Limpkins and Great Blue Herons patrolled the trails, stepping gingerly over the fallen branches, entangled in Spanish Moss.

Many logs and brush had been cut to re-establish the walking paths, and I couldn’t help but notice this tiny new growth (above👆🏼) sprouting from a large dead tree (below👇🏼) along the trail.

The natural world, continually starting anew~!☺️

The final windy stretch of my walk showed more of the devastation from the storm, and gave me a new appreciation for the work that was done to make Circle B accessible to visitors again.

21 thoughts on “Morning stroll after hurricane clean-up

  1. It’s encouraging to see new leaves emerge even from a stump.

    Your sentence “The usual beautiful Osprey and Red-shouldered Hawks were out celebrating the clear blue skies” got me wondering whether the birds—as opposed to us—prefer clear skies to overcast ones.

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    • I’m think most birds prefer sunny days, as long as it’s not too hot. Though light clouds can be helpful to the birder-photographers, I seem to see bird activity increase when it’s sunny☀️. (My utterly unscientific opinion….)


  2. Circle B is certainly a unique place. So many volunteers came together to help with the massive cleanup. Just as they have along the hard-hit southwest coast.

    Nature is so resilient!

    Beautiful photographs to document some of the recovery.

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  3. It can be good to be reminded of the powers of the weather that we have no control over. Nature, birds and other animals are amazing and so is your post. Thanks for sharing and I love your short videos.

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