In every walk with nature . . .

My daughter and her boyfriend sent us this very special postcard [above] from their recent visit to the Muir Woods in California. I love the wonderful quote from John Muir, which reminded me why he was such a hero of mine years ago: “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.” Reading about John Muir‘s travels and his […]


The little Green Heron is undeniably one of the most patient hunters in the wetlands.We often see Green Herons, like this one, sitting on a low branch for the longest time, just watching the water below.When he spots a tasty morsel swimming by, he stretches out his neck – his whole body, really! –  and . […]

Growing up in the wetlands

The dozing White Ibis featured above seems unimpressed by the magic of it all, but I love to watch the current batch of babies growing up in the Wetlands now that it is nearly the end of April. For example, this little 2-3 week-old Green Heron has begun to venture out ‘on a limb’ a bit further away from the […]

Peaceful walk at Peaceful Waters

This quiet, serene little Sanctuary has just the most appropriate name! Every time I go there, I see very few people, but lots of birds. And everyone I talk to who goes there says they have the same experience. It is a very peaceful place indeed ~ Last week I stopped by in the late […]