Green Heron Antics

A 2014 research study investigating the influence of humans on foraging behavior suggests that Green Heron foraging behavior is not significantly affected by human recreational disturbance” . . . and that they “have become habituated to disturbance and tolerant of humans.”

That certainly seems to be true of our Green Herons, who seem utterly oblivious to all the human visitors strolling by on the boardwalk.

In fact, they sometimes appear to be putting on a show! As I walked along the boardwalk one recent morning, this little guy trotted off right down the middle of the boardwalk, strolling along right in front of of me!

He kept hopping up onto the lowest section of the railing, peeking over the edge into the marsh below, and then jumping back down in front of me to continue on his way, repeating this behavior over and over.

He eventually flew off the boardwalk and perched in a nearby tree, presumably to get a better view. 😉

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