The marvelous Swallow-tailed Kite!

A few days ago, while birding in the Everglades, we were treated to the spectacle of two stunning Swallow-tailed Kites swooping and soaring right over our heads for nearly a half hour – what an amazing experience!Swallow-tailed Kites breed in the southeastern U.S., primarily in the freshwater marshes, wooded swamps, and lake shores of Florida, lucky for […]

Voice of the Dove

There are many familiar references to the Dove in Jewish literature. Certainly, the Dove is remembered in the story of Noah and the Flood, and as a symbol of peace. I have posted previously on Birder’s Journey (click here) about the Columbaria or Dovecotes, which housed the Doves and Turtledoves used in Temple sacrifices 2000-3000 years ago. […]

Update on the juvie Tri-colored Herons

I recently posted (Sibling Rivalry) about the Tri-colored Heron chicks, who are fast learning to be independent. The babies have gotten much bigger and much more self-sufficient in the past few weeks. This Tri-colored Heron is learning to forage like the grown-ups in the shallow water, where they find fish, crustaceans, amphibians, and other small invertebrates (iBird Plus).  I chuckled […]