Hmmm….Interesting sign

I discovered a new birding spot yesterday, filled with lovely, calm, watery scenery, curving pathways, and many footbridges.I saw some birds . . .  and lots of dragonflies. But there was one curiosity that I’ve never seen before in Florida or anywhere else.This sign was posted right at the approach to a long walking bridge: […]

Peaceful walk at Peaceful Waters

This quiet, serene little Sanctuary has just the most appropriate name! Every time I go there, I see very few people, but lots of birds. And everyone I talk to who goes there says they have the same experience. It is a very peaceful place indeed ~ Last week I stopped by in the late […]

Discovering the Bird’s Head Haggadah

Jews around the world recently concluded the yearly celebration of Pesach (Passover), the commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt. I’ve previously posted about stories of birds in the Torah, and even how birds accompanied the Jewish people as they crossed the Red Sea in the Exodus from bondage in Egypt. But it was such a busy […]

It’s not a bird yet . . .

Several years ago I happened upon this marvelous book, It’s not a bird yet, The drama of drawing, by artist and educator Ursula Kolbe. The title still brings a smile to my face! The book’s Introduction opens with a delightful story that describes the inspiration for the title. As someone who is passionate about both birding […]

Sometimes it’s the little things . . . .

This post is a tribute to some of the small creatures of nature that I pass by nearly every day when I’m out walking, but which are too often overlooked, and very often neglected in my blog. I’ve written in the past about Perek Shira (literally, Chapter of Song) the mysterious and beautiful ancient text also […]

Wood Storks in action

This adult male Wood Stork featured above was very busy as usual yesterday morning, flying back and forth to the woods to get nesting materials.At one point, he seemed to make an abrupt decision to stop at the very top of the ‘rookery’ island. Interestingly, he landed right above some occupied Cormorant and Anhinga nests, barely visible here in […]