Hmmm….Interesting sign


I discovered a new birding spot yesterday, filled with lovely, calm, watery scenery, curving pathways, and many footbridges.IMG_3997IMG_4001I saw some birds . . .  and lots of dragonflies. But there was one curiosity that I’ve never seen before in Florida or anywhere else.IMG_4032This sign was posted right at the approach to a long walking bridge: PLEASE NO HORSES ON BRIDGES~!! The top of the sign is a hint as to why it’s there:  The preserve is located in Wellington, and Wellington is renown as “horse country” here in Florida.

In the serene Wellington Environmental Preserve, there are walking paths, and there are also other dirt paths where horses are allowed, “a 3.6 mile perimeter Equestrian Trail that is an extension of the approximately 65-mile Wellington bridle trail system.”  

You can find this charming place on Flying Cow Ranch Road ;-D (see link  above).  If you ever decide to visit, just remember . . .please don’t ride your horse on the bridges!

P.S.  Notice at entrance;-)

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