‘A distinctive, whining pzzzz’

iBird Plus describes the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher’s vocalization as “a distinctive, whining ‘pzzzz’ with a nasal quality”, and that’s exactly how I knew this little fellow was nearby.I was looking the other way when I heard that unmistakable squeaky call. I turned around was treated to the sight of this diminutive Gnatcatcher hopping about in full view!Gnatcatchers are non-stop foragers, […]

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat

One of my favorite places to bird – or just walk – is a beautiful preserve with a very long name:  The Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat. A lush, marshy wetland, with scenic views in every direction! Even on this very windy day, the Terns loved it (I think these […]

Chasing the Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

How delightful that the “thin, squeaky call notes” of the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher give away its presence – otherwise, it would be almost impossible to spot this tiny bird! (National Audubon Society Pocket Guide of Songbirds & Familiar Backyard Birds – East).This morning I heard that distinct nasal, wheezy buzzing in the trees all around me. […]

Little bird in constant motion

I was lucky to catch a shot of this little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher as he flitted non-stop from branch to branch overhead, searching for tiny flying insects. Curiously, despite their name, ‘gnats do not form a significant part of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher’s diet’. (All About Birds)! Although they are more abundant during our south Florida winters, these busy birds […]

Getting to know the little birds

My goal this year is to learn more about the very small birds that come to our wetlands. Some, like the male Painted Bunting above at the preserve’s feeder, are easy – his brilliant multi-colored feathers are so distinctive that he’s hard to miss. The Ovenbird, the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and the Black & White Warbler were three new, distinctive little […]

“Look! All the birds are so happy – they’re singing their morning song!”

It’s such a joy to watch and listen to adults walking with their young children in the nature preserves I frequent.  Some months ago, I overheard a mother say to her little boy, as they set out on their walk, “Look!  All the birds are so happy – they’re singing their morning song!”I LOVE that!  I […]