Irresistible little Gnatcatcher

P1030107This tiny little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ventured out on a bare tree branch, and actually stayed still for more than a second or two – very unusual for these active little birds! I caught sight of him rustling around overhead on a recent walk at our nearby National Wildlife Refuge.

“The energetic Blue-gray Gnatchatcher rarely slows down …”  A mere  4″-long, weighing 1/3 of an ounce, this bird is “… a busy forager. It flits through dense outer foliage, hops and sidles along branches, peering with quick head movements to glean small insects and spiders.” (

It always makes me smile to see one! 

23 thoughts on “Irresistible little Gnatcatcher

  1. I had the privilege of having one BGGnatcatcher in my backyard a couple of years ago. I did not have any problem to photograph it. It does move a lot but I’m used to “hyper” birds. You captured this one very well. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! It’s great to be back on WordPress after an absence of many weeks, but it will take me awhile to catch up with what everyone’s been up to! I always think of you as a neighbor, even though we’re on different coasts! 🌴☀️

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      • We were in Chicago for our son’s wedding when Irma hit our area – Lucky timing!✨ Many of our neighbors lost power, and many trees were uprooted and seriously damaged. But no injuries or home damage. Glad to hear that you fared well, too.


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