Surprise ~ Art Fair Bird Prints!!

My daughter is an incredible elementary school art teacher in New York City, and she puts on an awesome ART FAIR every spring featuring her students’ work.

As always, the students take on various important roles, as gallery attendants, art-making station leaders, and hosts for countless family members and community visitors to the Art Fair.

This year, a very special student volunteer was my Host – my own personal guide to the Art Fair.

As we toured the bustling room full of exhibits and activity, my charming student host told me that I would soon be treated to one particular exhibit that would be a special “surprise”.  . . . img_5178As I approached the documentation panel accompanying this exhibit, I immediately noticed something familiar . . .

What a delightful and totally unexpected surprise it turned out to be!!

My daughter’s Art Club students had re-created some of my Birder’s Journey blog post photos into their own bold and beautiful color prints!


Such talented and skillful students and such beautifully crafted prints!

The entire show was an INSPIRATION! ~

I can’t wait to go back next year ✨


4 thoughts on “Surprise ~ Art Fair Bird Prints!!

  1. Congratulations to your artistic daughter! … How nice is to have all children working their creative minds and produce the most fantastic works of art. Your daughter has inherited her talents from you Carol, your photos are always a good example of inspiration. I love Art myself and let’s not forget…birds! Have a great Sunday. 🙂

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