Just you and me, White Pelican

I was all alone on Black Point Drive at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge one recent chilly morning, when this lone White Pelican suddenly swooped in overhead.As they migrate south over Florida during the winter, these huge Pelicans are most often seen in groups, sometimes filling the sky as massive flocks glide by over the water. With a […]

The resilient Osprey

Osprey (formerly called Fish Hawk, due to their almost exclusive diet of fish) boast a great success  story. Once seriously endangered due to DDT and other pesticides, they have made a strong comeback and are now found throughout the U.S. (Audubon.org)“Unique among North American raptors for its diet of live fish and ability to dive into […]

Hmmm, so you say you’re a Pelican . . .

One overcast morning, the Brown Pelican appeared to be the largest of all the birds wading at the Refuge.But when he approached the VERY large White Pelican, the big guy called out to his friends, “Hey guys. . . . This little fellow says he’s a Pelican, too!” 😀“Hmmmm. . . . . Let’s go check this […]

Second Avenue Subway Portraits 

Last week I posted a blog entry (Q Train Birds) describing a visit with my daughter to the new Second Avenue Subway station installation at 96th Street in NYC, designed by artist Sarah Sze.From there, my daughter took me to the Second Avenue stop at 86th Street, to view the next installation, displaying 10 immense portraits by the acclaimed […]