Peaceful Sandhill Cranes at Peaceful Waters

A Sandhill Crane is literally what I call a ‘pretty, tall bird’. . . . .There is something about standing right next to this statuesque beauty – I could really feel its nearly 4 feet in height. And its beautiful face was so photogenic.Though I’ve written about Sandhill Cranes before, I couldn’t resist adding photos from this […]

Beautiful, even without the Whooping Cranes

Although we knew mid-August in south Texas wouldn’t be the most ideal time for birding (!), we took a 2-day trip from our kids’ home in Houston to Aransas, a remote and wonderful 59,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge along the Gulf of Mexico. Aransas’ bays, fresh and salt water marshes, savannas, sloughs, and woodlands boast 165+ species of wildflowers, scores […]

Not a single bird was seen . . . 

The current time period on the Jewish calendar is known as The Three Weeks, preceeding Tisha B’Av, the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av. The 9th of Av commemorates multiple tragedies throughout Jewish history, including the story of the terrible destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple, resulting in the subsequent Babylonian Exile in 586 BCE.Expanding on a verse from […]