It’s RWBB Nesting Time Again

“The Red-winged Blackbird is known for aggressively defending its territory from intruders.” (Smithsonian Birds of Florida, p. 355). The handsome males are especially vigilant at this time of year, and will make lots of noise to ward off humans as well as other birds if they approach a nesting area too closely. The slightly smaller, […]

A precarious RWBB nesting spot

Mr. and Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird, above, take turns feeding the nestlings, and chasing off intruders. ‘Females build the nests by winding stringy plant material around several close, upright stems and weaving in a platform of coarse, wet vegetation.’ (All About Birds) Sometimes, as shown here, it is remarkable that the nest is sturdy enough to stay […]

Wonders ~

Sometimes a seemingly ‘random’ collection of photos doesn’t really ‘tell a story’, but I want to post them as a tribute to the wonders of nature all around me. Maybe the ‘story’ is a reminder to be thankful and never to take this beauty for granted. These little wonders also make me think of one […]

Sitting pretty

We often consider male songbirds more beautiful and striking than females, since their feathers are usually showier and more colorful. Yet Smithsonian published an article last year about some fascinating research, which now reveals that Drab Female Birds Were Once As Flashy As Their Male Mates. [A great, short read!] The authors describe new studies […]