Checking out the neighborhood

I spotted this Red-Shouldered Hawk surveying his surroundings from a perch on a bare tree this morning. Red-Shouldered Hawks are monogamous, solitary nesters, and return to the same nesting spot year after year, sometimes generation after generation.  The Hawk’s average life span is less than 5 years, but “the oldest-known Red-shouldered hawk was at least 22 years, 5 months […]

Tiny wonders

During my walks I am awestruck by the tiny wonders of Nature all around me – the insects, the flowers.. . . These little gems remind me of the poetic words of King David, as he described Creation and the natural world:  “[G-d] wrapped Himself in light like a garment and spread out the heavens […]

The Stalking Warbler . . or is this a Vireo?

The Pine Warbler has to settle for these cypress forest branches when in Florida, though he is “overwhelmingly a bird of the pines” in his normal range (Peterson Field Guide to Warblers of North America, p. 343). The Yellow-throated Vireo favors a similar habitat, and has very similar coloring. I found this crouching behavior above amusing, as this tiny […]

Love this signage

Florida is a glorious place to live if you are a nature lover! Florida has nearly 30 National Wildlife Refuges, many, many nature preserves, and countless parks.I’ve developed a special fondness for all the signs posted throughout these beautiful wild spaces. This yellow one above is one of my favorites ;-DSometimes, signs are posted at specific […]

Getting to know Woodpeckers

There is just something about Woodpeckers . . . I blogged about the wonderful Pileated Woodpecker featured above a couple of months ago.  Since that time, a variety of other Woodpeckers have caught my attention. There is a collection of stories about varied types of Woodpeckers on Bird Note, a great resource. One of the most common Woodpeckers is our […]