Love this signage

Florida is a glorious place to live if you are a nature lover! Florida has nearly 30 National Wildlife Refuges, many, many nature preserves, and countless parks.IMG_8587I’ve developed a special fondness for all the signs posted throughout these beautiful wild spaces. This yellow one above is one of my favorites ;-DIMG_2620Sometimes, signs are posted at specific times of year, like the one above. But most are visible year-round and contain essential details about potentially dangerous situations.IMG_4920Each sign has its own unique character, but above all, their messages are vitally important, and should be taken seriously wherever they appear.

11 thoughts on “Love this signage

  1. What an outstanding collection of signs, love ’em!
    Not feeding wild alligators is especially important.
    But I have seen tourists in our area do many foolish things. I think they believe that since they are on vacation, everything is fun and nothing can go wrong, as if they were in Disney world and the alligators are cartoon animals that are about to break into a song and dance routine.
    Wasn’t it recently in Florida where a home robber tried to escape capture by jumping into a pond and was then eaten by an alligator?!
    Sadly they put the poor animal down. They should have instead deputized him.

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    • I used to volunteer with school groups at our local NWR and we always stressed to kids that we are visitors in the animals’ home, and that the Refuge is not a ‘zoo’.
      You’re right – there was such an incident very recently in Florida.


  2. I agree. Florida is for nature lovers, and you have a nice sign collection here! Unfortunately there are some people who don’t respect nature or the signs posted. Like at the times when I’ve caught fishermen at the salt marsh next to the illustrated sign “No Fishing”.

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