PANAMA – Gamboa and El Valle

We recently had the good fortune to spend 6 days in Panama – what a beautiful country!! The stunning BIRDS, the lush landscapes, the clean, clear, fresh air, the warm and friendly people . . . I only wish I could have taken photos of ALL the birds we saw. Alas, so much to see, so little time. […]

Spoonbill Heaven ~

We visited the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the first time the other day. The Refuge is located about 3 hours north of us, not far from the Kennedy Space Center, near Titusville, Florida. What a magical place! I will need to add multiple posts in order to show the wonderful diversity of birds – and the […]

Central Park – Big Owl Event

  We were strolling through New York’s Central Park at dusk, just after Thanksgiving, when we spotted this group of people below who appeared to be looking skyward at something through telescopes.But when my husband approached them, he discovered they were peering through long camera lenses and binoculars at a Great Horned Owl way up high in a tree! […]