Love these White Pelican friends ;)


White Pelicans are amazing to watch! “One of the largest North American birds, the American White Pelican is majestic in the air . . . [They] soar with incredible steadiness . . . and often travel long distances in large flocks by soaring.” (All About Birds)IMG_5503Not long after spotting these huge White Pelicans soaring by overhead, I noticed this plump fellow sitting all alone on the beachIMG_5515IMG_5544Before long, he strolled over to another pair of White Pelicans preening nearby, and it soon became difficult to distinguish who was preening whom ;).IMG_5553I watched their antics for awhile and was about to turn away, when someone pointed in the distance. Look who’s coming – IMG_5556More friends – Coming in for a landing!!  White Pelicans are very gregarious, and forage for food in cooperative groups.IMG_5557IMG_5564These giant birds looked so delighted to join their buddies, I felt I could sense their joy at being together!

26 thoughts on “Love these White Pelican friends ;)

  1. Beautiful shots BJ, I love the way they land on the water. These shots remind me a lot of our Aussie Pelicans. They are so majestic in flight. In my book I share the several ingenious ways they obtain their food. One way is for a few of them to form a V shape and move schools of fish toward the shore where they land them and then easily eat them.

  2. I love these birds too! I keep fond memories of Brown pelicans surfing above the waves, along the coast of Chile.
    Thanks for the story, your pictures are really nice 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing you great photos of these White Pelicans. We were privileged to have 9 of them fly over us while driving two days ago. They come for the winter. Yeah!

  4. Your captures are gorgeous! I’m up on the Chesapeake Bay close to the Blackwater NWR in Cambridge, MD, they have a small flock of White Pelicans that spend their winters there, which is very unusual, since they are usually much further south. They are back again, such a gift for us up here! 🙂

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