Central Park – Big Owl Event


FullSizeRender-5We were strolling through New York’s Central Park at dusk, just after Thanksgiving, when we spotted this group of people below who appeared to be looking skyward at something through telescopes.IMG_1914But when my husband approached them, he discovered they were peering through long camera lenses and binoculars at a Great Horned Owl way up high in a tree! (What an inopportune moment to be out without my camera!)IMG_7919Several folks let us take a look through their equipment, though the Owl was very hard to see – and nearly impossible to photograph with my iPhone camera! My daughter highlighted it in my photo above ; -)

Apparently, the Great Horned Owl had been appearing in this same tree for the past week or two, and was known to take off every evening at about 5 pm.IMG_1919More and more little groups of onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature. To see a close-up video of what he would have looked like if only I had a powerful lens, be sure to click on this link at All About Birds.

GHOGreat Horned Owls, with a wing span of over 4 1/2 feet, are aggressive and powerful hunters, and fiercely protective parents. They are found throughout North America, but this sighting was a first for me!

Please check out the episodes at Bird Note to learn more about Great Horned Owls! 

Owl photos for this post: Wikipedia and Audubon.org.






15 thoughts on “Central Park – Big Owl Event

  1. Oh how very wonderful to see such a large and captivated audience for the great horned owl. It is this kind of human interest and enthusiasm that helps keep our feathered friends from dwindling into extinction. Thanks very much for this cool post, BJ.

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  2. I’m always motivated to find the elusive owl anywhere I go. But now even more so to find these wonderful and most mysterious raptors. I am thrilled to have experienced it with you. A wonderfully creative and informative post. Thank you

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  3. That was a wonderful glimpse into the nature and these amazing Owls. I’ve heard these Owls sometimes nest in our park too, but haven’t been lucky to see any right there as yet 🙂

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  4. We have stumbled upon events like this when seeing a huddle of telescopes and cameras, to find a gift of seeing some rare species. It is such a thrill to see this as owls like our Tawny Frogmouths which I featured recently, are not easy to spot, even in the daytime as they are very recluse and remain completely still while sleeping. Thanks for sharing this. Yes, and another thing BJ is going without your camera, I don’t ask whether or not to take my camera as I have learnt to take it everywhere when I go walking, I have missed too much unexpected stuff like this. So I will take a small movie camera if I don’t take my big birding one. Our non birding, walking friends have now grown accustomed to my wife and I stopping and gazing at birds 🙂

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