Spoonbill Heaven ~

IMG_7633We visited the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the first time the other day. The Refuge is located about 3 hours north of us, not far from the Kennedy Space Center, near Titusville, FloridaWhat a magical place!

IMG_7786I will need to add multiple posts in order to show the wonderful diversity of birds – and the stunning sunsets! First – the beautiful Spoonbills. All through the day, we saw them flying over in groups, in all directions.IMG_7788“Which one doesn’t belong?” . . . Occasionally, a White Ibis jumped in the line ;DIMG_7889Although I’ve seen Roseate Spoonbills often at our own nearby preserves, somehow, these magnificent birds looked even more stunning on Merritt Island.IMG_7872 More Merritt Island views to come soon . . .

24 thoughts on “Spoonbill Heaven ~

  1. How gorgeous BJ! I sense your excitement on exploring the island, I know I would feel the same! Stunningly beautiful birds and images, thanks for sharing them. Looking forward to more at another time. I love the Spoonies, our Royal Spoonbill is a beautiful bird, but the Roseate has its very striking colour. I especially love Spoonbills in breeding plumage, they can make you chuckle at times.

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  2. It’s interesting that before I saw Roseate Spoonbills in reality, I thought that they would be the most beautiful of the family, but now I think I like our plain white Yellow-billed Spoonbill the best. We are lucky and also have a Royal Spoonbill too.

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    • So nice to hear from you, Sonja. When I first got to know the Roseate Spoonbills here in Florida only a few years ago, I had no idea there were so many other marvelous spoonbills in other parts of the world. What a treat to see how unique and beautiful they all are!


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