Little bird in constant motion

IMG_1426.jpgI was lucky to catch a shot of this little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher as he flitted non-stop from branch to branch overhead, searching for tiny flying insects. Curiously, despite their name, ‘gnats do not form a significant part of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher’s diet’. (All About Birds)!

Although they are more abundant during our south Florida winters, these busy birds can be found all year round here. Their tell-tale call (variously described as wheezy, whiny, and sort of a nasal pzzz!) gives away their location, but they are always on the move.

For more info about these diminutive birds, also check out: Audubon.



16 thoughts on “Little bird in constant motion

    • Thanks, AB. Here are two more interesting facts about how they treat their larger prey: “The wings are torn off larger prey and their bodies beaten on a perch prior to being eaten.” And, “Large insects are beaten against a branch before being eaten.”!!

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  1. three weeks ago I was fortunate to photograph these little birds. It was the first time I seen any in my area of southeast Virginia. I know they been here but I never seen them. I was happy to add it to my bucket list

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