Love these elegant little birds

P1010325Black-necked Stilts are aptly named  (Audubon), with their improbably tall, stilt-like legs. In fact, they “have the second-longest legs in proportion to their bodies of any bird, exceeded only by flamingos.” (All About Birds). IMG_0783They forage for insects, small fish and aquatic invertebrates in shallow water, but – curiously – Black-necked Stilts rarely swim (All About Birds)!  Pairs work together to build their nests in low marshy clumps, and they are fiercely territorial during breeding season.

The ones pictured here are nesting now on blotchy, buff-colored eggs, so we look forward to watching their chicks very soon. I’m always happy to see them here again in the spring!


14 thoughts on “Love these elegant little birds

  1. A very close relative to our Black-winged Stilt, one of my most photographic birds, especially in reflection shots. True they are so elegant. There was much controversy as to whether it is a subspecies of our Black-winged Stilt, but I think it has been made its own kind now.

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  2. Wonderful post, BJ. I enjoyed the info and your photos are delightful. That first photo especially, with the long legs in and out of the shadow, and the flower petals on the water’s surface.

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  3. There seems to be an abundance of the black necked beauties in south Florida this year. How could I not have noticed in years past?
    Your shots and info on this most camera loving wader.are a joy as usual.Thanks

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