Great Horned Owlet flying practice



P1010155Now that the baby Great Horned Owlets at our local Refuge have fledged, they are often seen perching on outlying branches, but always under the watchful eye of a parent.P1010167Just before sunset the other evening, we saw this Owlet practice flapping his huge wings .P1010169He was working so hard to get it right – as his protective parent stood by.P1010153Then, all at once, the little Owlet finally lifted upward with all his might, and flew the short distance to another nearby branch – what a delight to watch!P1010202The Great Horned Owl is the largest common owl in North America, and is ” . . . the quintessential owl of storybooks.” (All About Birds) We’ve seen the Owls out and about over the past few days, and are thrilled by their beauty each time we see them. P1010199“Owls are powerful birds and fiercely protective parents,” (National Geographic), and Great Horned Owls are no exception. Although the Owlets can navigate nearby branches and then begin to fly by 9-10 weeks of age, both parents care for and feed their young for up to several months (Audubon).

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