“Look! All the birds are so happy – they’re singing their morning song!”

It’s such a joy to watch and listen to adults walking with their young children in the nature preserves I frequent.  Some months ago, I overheard a mother say to her little boy, as they set out on their walk, “Look!  All the birds are so happy – they’re singing their morning song!”IMG_0358I LOVE that!  I wrote down her words right away so I wouldn’t forget.  What a beautiful message this child is learning about life and the wonders of our natural world!IMG_0356This little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was chirping away in a tree in the parking lot this morning as I got out of my car.  My joy at at seeing him close-up, singing away as he greeted the early morning sun, reminded me of that mother’s delightful message to her child.IMG_0357These teeny birds are often hard for me to spot – and even harder to capture in a photo – since they are only 4-5″ long, and are in constant motion. They flit from branch to branch and tree to tree almost before you can focus your binoculars or camera!

12 thoughts on ““Look! All the birds are so happy – they’re singing their morning song!”

  1. It is good that the mother is teaching her child to be aware of the natural world , and you’ve managed to capture and share some lovely images of the Gnatchatcher. Small birds are a challenge, but they’re
    often the ones who are singing!

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  2. It is sweet, especially a child that wants to learn. I see kids at nature reserves that are so misbehaved, I have to wonder why the parents bring them. Kids get impatient when they don’t see the animals they prefer, like them asking where are “animals with teeth?” Today I saw this child throwing rocks toward the small deer herd and mom busy on her cell phone.

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