Out of the shadows

Amazing how different birds look in the early morning light, depending upon which side of the boardwalk they’re on!  Well, actually, it depends on whether I am looking toward the sunrise, into the shadows, or if the sun is behind me πŸ˜‰IMG_3647I caught sight of this unmistakably-shaped bird, a Purple Gallinule, in the shadows on the “wrong” side of the boardwalk the other morning. I only wished the lighting was better.IMG_3654As I watched him clamber up the narrow stalks of the Fireflag plant to reach the choicest blossoms, I thought about how much better a photo it would be if he were out in the full sun. Purple Gallinules look so much more brilliant when sunlit, as in the featured image on this post.IMG_3696All of a sudden, I heard him fly to the other side of the boardwalk, and hoped I’d catch a glimpse of him on the “sunny” side.  As I turned around to look, he reappeared in the water below, showing off his beautiful face so I could take a better picture in the sun. What a cooperative bird~!

20 thoughts on “Out of the shadows

    • This tightrope walking is my favorite Purple Gallinule behavior to watch! It’s amazing sometimes the lengths they will go to – really “out on a limb” – to get at the topmost, tasty flowers!


    • Funny, we also have Purple Swamphens here, non-natives, and people very often mistake them for the Purple Gallinules. I’m not sure where our Swamphens are thought to originate from.. . . have to look that up!


  1. How lovely! It is a bit frustrating when they sit right against the sun and you’re not able to look at their colours. This is just magnificent.

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