Peaceful walk at Peaceful Waters

This quiet, serene little Sanctuary has just the most appropriate name! Every time I go there, I see very few people, but lots of birds. And everyone I talk to who goes there says they have the same experience. It is a very peaceful place indeed ~

Last week I stopped by in the late afternoon, so it was still very sunny (being April in South Florida!), not the best time of day for photographs.  But it didn’t seem to affect the variety and number of birds out and about!IMG_1967Just as I entered the Sanctuary, this cute pair of Mottled Ducks was cavorting about, taking turns dunking for a snack.IMG_1989A few steps down the boardwalk, I spotted this Little Blue Heron nestled in the greenery, surveying the scene.IMG_1992Off to the left, these Cormorants were keeping a watchful eye over the Wetlands.IMG_2004IMG_2034IMG_2001Just beyond the Cormorants, I caught sight of a pelican, and shortly discovered that both a Brown Pelican and a group of White Pelicans had stopped by on the same afternoon – what a treat!

Now keep in mind, I’m not including every single bird I saw – but this was shaping up to be a pretty diverse collection!IMG_1972Why, even this little Green Heron seemed to do a double-take at the number of species who had flocked to Peaceful Waters that day.IMG_2051I heard the unmistakable sound of this busy Red-bellied Woodpecker as I strolled along the secluded paths on the other side of the Sanctuary. But he soon flew off, so I mostly saw him from the back ;-).IMG_2023IMG_2031Turning down the grassy lane toward the back of the Sanctuary, I peeked through the fence and saw several Lesser Yellowlegs, Black-necked Stilts, and their friends foraging in the grass and along the shallow water’s edge.IMG_2037A couple of happy- looking Turtles were sunning themselves on a log jutting out into the cool blue water.IMG_2046Another pair of Mottled Ducks looked pretty relaxed as they stood watch on the grassy shoreline,IMG_2061and this Snowy Egret was out fishing off the ‘pier’ in the bright late day sunshine.IMG_2072IMG_2067After making my way back to the entrance, I was fortunate to happen upon the Sandhill Crane family before I left – those babies sure do grow fast!

This post doesn’t even include the Warblers and other songbirds I saw, or the Great Blue Herons or Great Egrets that occasionally swooped by overhead, but it illustrates the amazing variety of species we can see all in one place, less than 30 minutes from home, on a short hour and a half walk!

14 thoughts on “Peaceful walk at Peaceful Waters

  1. Such beautiful photos. You did have a peaceful day of birding. I wish we had little blue herons and white pelicans. I am hopefully birding on Sunday, but it has been below freezing, so not sure what I will see.

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  2. Your walk through this sanctuary was truly enjoyable for me, BJ, thanks so much for taking the time to document it in these lovely photos. The sandhill crane adult with chicks was a very special treat to behold. 🙂

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