Scenes from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Didn’t bring a camera with me last Thursday on a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but when my son started taking photos with his iPhone, I realized I ought to be doing the same!

 Below are a few iPhone 6 images we took at this wonderful place, which my daughter introduced me to a few years ago. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is conveniently located close to where she lives, and is a real ‘must see’ if you are ever in Brooklyn! 

 Views of the Japanese Gardens 

 Views in and around the Conservatory 

After the Garden, I headed to nearby Prospect Park’s Audubon Center – and was lucky enough to join a guided nature walk just setting out. Following an exceptionally cold and snowy NYC winter, we were blessed with gorgeous warm, sunny New York spring weather all day long! ☀️

15 thoughts on “Scenes from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  1. Beautiful pics, botanic gardens are wonderful places to visit and you never know what birds you might see there either, as you would have seen in my last blog. My niece lives in NY I will mention it to here when I next see her. Thanks for sharing!

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