Update on the juvie Tri-colored Herons

I recently posted (Sibling Rivalry) about the Tri-colored Heron chicks, who are fast learning to be independent. The babies have gotten much bigger and much more self-sufficient in the past few weeks. IMG_1786This Tri-colored Heron is learning to forage like the grown-ups in the shallow water, where they find fish, crustaceans, amphibians, and other small invertebrates (iBird Plus).  I chuckled when I caught sight of him trying to eat the blossoms on a pond plant – he’s apparently still figuring it all out!IMG_1832The adult Tri-colored Herons at this preserve are very acclimated to people, and often perch along the boardwalk, completely nonplussed by the humans strolling by. But the juveniles’ efforts at maneuvering the boardwalk railings are pretty comical. IMG_1831 As they try to imitate their parents, they cling to the narrow edge of wood for dear life, trying to keep their balance. IMG_1797The Tri-colored chicks’ wild “punk” hairdos have calmed down a bit, but their immature fuzz still sticks up haphazardly in the evening light. They have such personality! I’m so glad these birds will be with us all year round.

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