Sibling Rivalry

The Tri-colored Herons have been prolific, as usual, in our area and there are many new broods this spring. Of course, (as you can see above) the competition for the choicest morsels can get pretty serious when a parent drops by with something to eat! IMG_1152It is really comical to watch their facial expressions as they wait impatiently for mom and dad to come back with even more food.  They are such characters!IMG_1165This ‘sentry’ apparently hopes to get first dibs on the next treat, and keeps watch while his siblings take a snooze.IMG_0754Believe it or not, in 2 or 3 years, the squabbling juveniles will be as handsome and debonair as this adult Tri-colored Heron strutting by in his breeding finery! He may even be their parent! : )

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