Wood Stork juveniles growing up

The juvenile Wood Storks are getting bigger now, and there are lots of them in the nesting trees at one of our local preserves.IMG_1842They are so coy and – I dare say – cute, with their impossibly large bills and fuzzy heads! P1000671Our Wood Storks are among the later nesting birds. They breed “. . . just in time for the traditional season of lowest water when prey items will be concentrated in shrunken wetlands, providing good hunting so the storks can feed their young.” (Florida Audubon). IMG_6210By this time next year, they’ll be large and beautiful, with solid, dark, wood-like bills, and leathery bald heads,  and be able to forage on their own, like these adult Wood Storks wading in the in the shallow water of the marsh.

16 thoughts on “Wood Stork juveniles growing up

  1. Lovey close ups of the juveniles BJ, and I have to say that I do appreciate the interesting info and insights to the birds you post, it is these peculiar characteristics that I hook into as a passion of mine, which comes out in my book also. Birding for me is both fun and science of discovery of behaviour. Thanks again:-)

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