Good morning, Chip!

IMG_2101Lucky me – this lovely Roseate Spoonbill emerged out of the reeds and was the first bird I spied on my walk today. Though he spent most of his time with his head down, foraging in the shallow water, I noticed the broken tip of his large spatula-shaped bill right away.IMG_2105I got thinking about a Roseate Spoonbill I’d seen last year with a broken bill, and wondered how often this accident or deformity occurs. Another birder was quite certain this was the very same Spoonbill, the one visitors had fondly nicknamed “Chip”.IMG_2107 His chipped bill certainly didn’t appear to prevent him from filling up on a breakfast of small fish and aquatic invertebrates (Audubon). As he strolled directly toward me, I couldn’t help but think he looked quite contented : )

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