I’ve grown to love the ducks :)

P1010635When I first moved to Florida, I was so awed by the egrets, herons, spoonbills and other large wading birds, that I scarcely noticed the more ‘ordinary’ waterfowlBut now I’ve grown to love the Ducks, like these Mottled Ducks above. They are rarely seen in large flocks, but rather, gliding gently by in pairs like this happy couple!

Mottled Ducks are often mistaken for Mallards, as they are similar in appearance. In fact, unfortunately “The long-term well-being of Florida mottled ducks is threatened by crossbreeding with feral, domesticated mallards and the FWC is working hard to combat this problem.” (Florida FWC).

For more info on our lovely Mottled Ducks, see Audubon.org.

7 thoughts on “I’ve grown to love the ducks :)

  1. I like the Mottled Ducks too, and it is sad that the cross-breeding is happening. I have seen some of those ‘hybrid’ ducks visiting our salt marsh from time to time.

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