Green Heron babies

These fuzzy little Green Heron nestlings got up from a nap to wait eagerly for their lunch delivery service! “Green Herons eat mainly small fish . . . but also feed on other small creatures such as insects, spiders, crustaceans, snails . . . and amphibians.” (All About Birds)

Here comes Mom – or Dad – with lunch! “Both the male and female brood and feed the chicks, which may stay with their parents for more than a month after leaving the nest, as they learn to forage.” (All About Birds)

They grow up fast, and are ready to leave the nest in only 16-17 days. In fact, even as I watched, this 12-day old Green Heron chick decided to clamber bravely along the outside edge of the nest.

Just for comparison, the image below👇🏼 shows how the little ones looked a day or so after hatching. You can still see the egg tooth used to help crack open the shell.

36 thoughts on “Green Heron babies

    • Thanks, Berny! You’ll have to come over to GC soon and see these chicks before they fledge. Luckily, there are two more green heron nests with eggs that still haven’t hatched yet. And there are numerous Red-winged Blackbird nests all around now, too.


  1. I especially love the expectant looks on fluffy green heron babies BJ, all lovely pics. It appears much easier to get pics of your green heron than our very shy and elusive striated heron who is its cousin in Oz 😊

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    • I love how you noticed the expectant looks on the babies’ faces, AB. ☺️. Yes, they literally stood up and watched with Eager anticipation as their parent climbed up the branch toward the nest. I believe I’ve seen the striated heron, though I’ve never been anywhere near Australia. I wonder if one in Central America has a similar name or appearance?

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