One of my favorite ‘regulars’

The charming and photogenic Green Heron is one of my favorite wetland birds. Almost any day of the year, you can see one (or several!) sitting on the boardwalk railing, like this one above, his legs covered with duckweed.

Just as common is the sight of Green Herons perched on the Pond Apple branches, popping up here and there amongst the Pickerelweeds. Year-round residents of Florida, Green Herons are ‘common and widespread’ and can be found throughout much of the U.S., Mexico and Central America (All About Birds-Green Heron).

17 thoughts on “One of my favorite ‘regulars’

  1. Lovely shots BJ, the Herons have amazing eyesight, that bright yellow eye seems to gleam at you. Your Green herons are similar to our Striated or Mangrove Heron, and they are very adverse to having their picture taken, and go on the run when they see you. Yours maybe are more friendly.

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