Uncommonly cute

The Common Gallinule is one of the most common wetland birds in our area of the southeastern U.S., and they are very prolific. They have 1-2 broods a year, and each clutch can have as many as 3-15 eggs (All About Birds).

Formerly known as the Common Moorhen, this member of the Rail family is closely related to the Purple Gallinule. In fact, Purple and Common Gallinule chicks are nearly identical when very young, with distinguishing features becoming more visible as they develop (Audubon).

After the Common Moorhen chicks have hatched, with their bald heads, bulging eyes, and tiny wings, they are uncommonly cute to watch as they follow their parents around, learning to forage for themselves.

21 thoughts on “Uncommonly cute

  1. I really enjoyed your photos and the videos. How lovely to see the eggs in the nest and then the chicks foraging.
    After reading your post, I have followed up on the name Common Moorhen and learnt that the Old World Common Moorhen we get here (Gallinula chloropus) has been split from the New World Gallinula galeata. For one thing their calls are very different.
    And I also learnt that what I have referred to as a Purple Gallinule here (Porphyrio madagascariensis) is actually an African Swamphen, a different species to the similarly looking American Purple Gallinule (Porphyrio martinicus)!
    Lots for me to digest! Thanks so much for the information.

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