Staying close to mom

The Pie-billed is the most widespread Grebe in the New World, according to Audubon. I love All About Bird’s very apt description of the Pie-billed as “part bird, part-submarine”!☺️ They paddle cheerily along on the surface, then suddenly disappear under the water to forage on small fish, insects and other aquatic creatures, only to pop up moments later several yards away.

We’re lucky that the adorable Pie-billed Grebes choose to breed here in southeast Florida every spring and summer. Although the young can swim soon after hatching, it’s very common to see them snuggling into their parents’ feathers and hitching a ride for the first couple of weeks.

Pie-billed Grebes are unique and fascinating little birds – it is well worth learning more about them! One of my favorite fun facts is about its name: “The Latin genus name for grebe, “podylimbus,” means “feet at the buttocks”—an apt descriptor for these birds, whose feet are indeed located near their rear ends. This body plan, a common feature of many diving birds, helps grebes propel themselves through water.” (All About Birds)

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    • Lol!! Glad you liked the Grebe story 😅
      We’ve had amazing luck with avoiding hurricanes since we moved to Florida. This time we were in Israel visiting family for two months and completely missed Ian (and the Gulf Coast received the brunt of it).

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