Second Avenue Subway Portraits 

Last week I posted a blog entry (Q Train Birds) describing a visit with my daughter to the new Second Avenue Subway station installation at 96th Street in NYC, designed by artist Sarah Sze.img_5238From there, my daughter took me to the Second Avenue stop at 86th Street, to view the next installation, displaying 10 immense portraits by the acclaimed artist Chuck Close!img_5233For painter and photographer Close, known for his photorealist portraits, this years-long project was his first in mosaic and ceramic tile. It is definitely worth a visit when you’re in New York!Be sure to click on and read this New York Times article for a fascinating intro into the story behind these newly designed subway stations.Click on this link to watch a video of Close discussing his work, and talking to passersby, as he tours ‘his’ station. A close-up look (no pun intended) at the detail behind each portrait – and the contribution of every tiny piece of tile to the whole – is astonishing.

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