The Q Train Birds

img_5209A few months ago, my daughter took me on a fascinating visit to the incredible new subway stations along the Q Train in New York City.img_5210 Be sure to click here to view a video about Second Ave Station, and hear the artist, Sarah Sze, talk about her intentions and her experience designing this new subway space!!img_5211What a thrill to see how Sze incorporated floor-to-ceiling imagery of birds into the blue and white ‘landscape’ of the first station we visited!img_5215img_5222Read more here and view more photos of the new, long-awaited Second Avenue subway line, “a three-stop extension of the Q line”, and see why its massive art installations have become a destination for locals and tourists alike.

12 thoughts on “The Q Train Birds

  1. When I was a child, my father, who had briefly worked for the New York Transit Authority, I think in the 1940s, occasionally mentioned the would-be Second Avenue Subway that never was. He told us that money had been appropriated for it several times, and each time the dedicated money ended up disappearing. My father died in 2001, when probably almost everyone assumed the Second Avenue Subway would never get built.

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