Young GBH showing his stuff

I always love watching the young Great Blue Herons practice their in-flight navigation skills, and this handsome fellow at Merritt Island NWR was no exception.img_6812The Great Blue Heron gazed up at a little tree island, as if to gauge its height in preparation for a landing.img_6831 All of a sudden, the GBH lifted up and spread his wings, heading straight for the trees . . . ‘photo-bombing’ a Reddish Egret on the way by !img_6834Not quite there yet, he missed the mark by a branch or two 😉img_6838Ahhh, now he scrambled up and found a roosting spot – at least for a few minutes, till he took off again.

16 thoughts on “Young GBH showing his stuff

  1. That’s a nice sequence.

    On the Pacific coast two months ago I was surprised that a bird of this species let me get to within about a dozen feet of it. You know a lot about these birds; do you think the fact that I was downhill from it made it feel less threatened?

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    • What a good question – I don’t really know. But I can say that the Great Blues and other wading birds in our wetland preserves that have a lot of ‘people traffic’ are much less skittish than the ones we see in the more wide-open refuges with fewer human visitors.


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